Friday, March 29, 2013

Summer Secwepemc Legends to Tell

 ...thoughts of Shuswap summer while snow is still on the ground ...
I have the summer on my mind.

I was surfing the internet and looking at Inuit Legends because of some audio links Rebecca sent me from the Ideas Series on CBC.

I love the Ideas series on CBC.  Wish I had more time to listen to it.

Rebecca also sent me an audio recording on the Shuswap.  How fun.

I went to look for something in paper, because when I am beside a fire at night, I want memorable stories to tell -- myths about the land are good.  And I need a bit of paper beside me to cue me to the stories.

I ran into this site: Stseptekwle – Stories of the Secwepemc

I can hardly wait for the snows to melt, and for the spring to come, and for my grandchildren to gather around the fire.


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  1. I love this link.... i too want to learn all the stories from the lake