Saturday, March 16, 2013

The End of a Perfect Day

"are my eyes tricking me?  Is that woman's hair grey?"
I deem any day that I wake up to be a perfect day.

Nothing is more perfect than that.

 I only live variations on perfect days depnding on what happens in the day.

 I find pleasure shopping in a grocery store. So when Mary said we were hopping off the bus to pick up a few things on the way home from downtown Ottawa I was quite happy. The only thing that beats looking for the best price in a grocery store is finding the best price while studying the flyers.
... groceries cost 20% more here in Quebec ...

Another good thing about shopping with my kids is that they load up the carts. Anything I add is fine with them. They pull out the credit cards when going through the till. That makes triple pleasure for me. Mary’s only caution to me was to remember that we had just gone through her food storage to tidy up the shelves. She found 10 bottles of salad dressings there and 8 tins of maple syrup.

“What could I do.? It is regular $8 and I found it for $5.”
... you can't find me when I put my hat up, Grandma ..
or "wearing my coat backwards"

I don’t know what she is going to do with it. I wanted to practise maple candy, but we had to wait for fresh snow and there was none of that. I am not thrilled with pecan maple sugar pie – but if she had pulled out the shortening and started to make pies, I would have eaten my share to see if I could acquire a taste for it.

The perfect day only ended with putting the groceries away.

But if I go back to Quebec, I will remember that the possibilities for working with Canadian Maple Syrup are endless ... or at least 8 fold at Mary's house.


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