Friday, March 1, 2013

Mary Builds a Fort

.. my mom is making my fort ..

"Must build a shelter to protect my family."

That is what Mary thinks once a year when the snowfall is just right for packing blocks ... and Rhiannon says that she wants a fort for a four year old.

...the beginnings of a fort ...

They have been out this afternoon – Rhiannon climbing trees and Mary making Rhiannon’s fort.

I would rather play in the snow that watch TV.
I thought children only climbed trees in the summer time.

That is what the song says.

 But no, Mary’s four year old is climbing all over the icy bark while Mary is below, building a fort for her.

“Do you think me taking her out in the snow and building the fort for her compensates for letting her watch 6 hours of TV today?”

... I am not afraid up here ...
That is the question Mary asked and then answered herself, “No, all it means is I won’t have to do the elliptical myself tonight for exercise.”


1 comment:

  1. A fort, so much more fun than an elliptical training machine!