Friday, March 29, 2013

The Perfect S'More

...the good embers are on the left side ...
This was my year to learn to make a fire which I did in different time increments, the first fire taking an hour, just to get started.

But when the fire goes well, and the logs die down, then it is time to master cooking the perfect marshmallows.

... very close to perfect stick handling ...
There are a lot of variables to getting that fire gong -- one being how much help you have from small people throwing their own sticks on the fire.

Another variable has to do with timing. Just because a fire begins, the grass has burst into flame and, the small pieces of wood have ignited, that doesn't mean that there will be a fire, 10 minutes later.
... the double decker s'more feat ...

Tom performed a cooking variation I have never seen before: double decker s'more.

I don't know how some of the marshmallow got on his chin, between the time when he placed them on the chocolate and when he raised his concoction for a photoshoot -- but there is some evidence in the picture that happened.
 ... how to wash the marmallow from my cheek ... try bottoms-up ....

And it is not much easier for Hebe to get that sticky feeling  out of the corner of her mouth, no matter how much she drinks.

Ah, waiting for the return to the happy days of a marshmallow roast by a good fire.


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