Monday, March 4, 2013

Tea Cup

... learning to make the tea cup ...
I get stuck on some of the string games that take two people. I have gone to learning the games that can be played alone. I have to master that first. Then I wonder why it takes me so long to learn the game the first time, and it is so easy for her when I show it to Naomi. She learned how to make a tea cup; then we timed how fast she could do it. 35 seconds. 15 seconds. 13 seconds. 9 seconds. 6 seconds. 4 seconds. Hey, wait a minute – she wanted to time me. I needed a lot of practise before I could shave much time off. Is this the skill I should learn to prevent myself from getting old – since obviously it is not one that I am good at already.

While she was skating this afternoon, I practiced up on cat’s whiskers and Jacob’s ladder. If you want to see me do them, somewhere down the line, I will need a refresher. For today, I am good at both!