Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nicks vs Dairy Queen

Blizzards -- buy a second for $.99
Doral and Anita spent the day following the realtor’s advice: update the furniture in the front room, take down the ornaments from above the kitchen cupboards, buy a headboard for Meighan’s bed, paint, paint, paint.

 “Do you want to go to Nick’s for supper tonight?”, Doral asked when Anita and he dropped by our house at noon.

Kelvin and I met them at 6 pm. I noticed that the logo on the serviette said Never Eat Food Prepared by People You Don’t Know. This might be why Nick is often present in the restaurant, going from table to table, greeting the customers. “When did you first come to Nicks?”, I asked  Doral when we were seated at the corner table.

“With eight other people after a dance in Grade 8 -- my first time. In fact we sat right at this table and the one next to us. We may have been loud and obnoxious, just like any group of Grade 8’s for the first time in a restaurant.”
"Now I have one more video for you to watch."

After two pizza’s, a Nick’s Specialty and an Ambrosia Pizza and a couple of specialty orders we moved on to the Dairy Queen for dessert.

I sat at the table with the girls, Ceilidh telling me about her new interest in science, explaining some of the theories she has learned by watching clips on a Science Location, and then showed me one on her mother’s phone, saying to me, “I think this one on the protochicken might be easy enough for you to understand, Grandma.”

 I don’t know if Anita or I laughed the loudest. I watched the video twice, because it answered the age old question, “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

I wanted to know.


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