Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My acting debut: "8" The Play

Amongst other events, tonight is my debut in a staged reading of the play "8".  It is a play by Dustin Lance Black (who did the scripts for "Milk" and "Edgar J") about Proposition 8: a law that had been passed by referendum in California, prohibiting gay marriage.  Or rather, it is about the case of Perry v. Schwarzenager in which the law was held to be unconstitutional.

It is an interesting case for me, partly because marriage has been available for all canadians for more than 10 years.  Still... they are working towards that direction in the states.

In any event, my friend Gillian got permission to use the play for her UVic class "Sexual Orientation and the Law", so the students are putting it on tonight, as a sort of reader's theatre.  Because the play has more roles that the number of students in the class, several of us (faculty) will be playing parts.

I am playing the role of Dr. Christopher Tam (who was in favour of prohibiting same sex marriage, based on 'evidence' he found on the internet!).  Ah well.... SOMEONE has to play the part, and it might as well be me rather than one of the students.  hahaha.

I told Alex and Duncan they have to come watch.  Afterall, how often to you get to see your mom play across gender, race AND ideological commitments!  :-)  I will have them report back!


  1. You shall pack the house I am sure. Excited to read post #2!

  2. Yes. Where is post #2. Are you busy or something (hee, hee, hee).