Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cat's Whiskers and Jacob's Ladder

... your turn to climb Jacob's ladder ...

In an email, Rebecca suggested to Mary that I might be torturing her kids while I am here.

There might be a grain of truth in that, but only the smallest grain.

For example, I spent the whole afternoon figuring out how to do the next of the string tricks. The ones (make that one) I learned from my companions in grade III will only take me so far. So I sat at my computer for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and learned how to do the cat’s whiskers ... and how to do Jacob’s ladder, which is a two step extension of the cat’s whiskers. Then I grabbed Xavier and told him that I needed to get pictures of these up on the web and could I just have a few seconds of his time to get some photos. Yes, it took him a few seconds and it had taken me two hours.
... cat's whiskers ...

 He is the one who had the idea to put the whiskers up on his own face. I couldn’t figure out why he was holding the strings up that way. Now I just have to teach the song that goes with Jacob’s ladder and I am through with string games – at least with this little group of kids. Then I will probably find some other kids to torture.


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