Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sydney Wood Goes Egyptian

Is this quilt for me or the new baby?
I had a quick email from Moiya.

She said that she and David are in the Edmonton area, helping Adam with his garage.
Moiya said that she and Michelle had taken Sydney to Costco in her new Egyptian skirt.  Actually Michelle said that Sydney jingled her way through Costco, HomeSense and the fabric store.

... an Egyptian beaded hat and skirt ...
I couldn't figure out what Moiya was talking about, but she said lots of people stopped to comment or smile at her.

So I asked for some pictures.

... an Egyptian skirt swaying in the wind ...

I was surprised, for what I saw on Sydney was the beaded skirts and hats that Moiya, Wyona and I were buying one evening when we were finished shopping the gold souk.

After gold, then to the spice souk. Greg led us down some narrow streets with even narrower alleys -- and this is where the hats and the skirts come from.

The shop keepers couldn't speak English but they could make a transaction that pleased all of us.
 ... helping the men finish the garage ...

 I don't know how many other little girls will end up with costumes like Sydney's.

I thought that they were being purchased for the Second Annual Mermaid and Merman Second Cousin Party next year.

But better to get those garbs into circulation right away -- since Sydney seems to like hers.


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