Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mary and Rebecca at Work

News from Rebecca via Arta:

The Winslow Boys
Photograph: Tristram Kenton of The Guardian
Rebecca is in London, England at a conference.

Her note to me said that she was attending an evening performance of The Winslow Boys.

Not being there, the best I could do was read the review in The Guardian.  I find a review, a good substitute for my absence, grieving it as I am.  Just loved it  when the writer used the word supercilious -- a word I only read and never use.

Now from Mary who reports:

"The Minister of Finance said that the budget will reflect taxpayer’s ability to pay and will not embark on any risky spending schemes.  We do know that we will be getting some kind of infrastructure spending."

"Today I will invite people to come to my office to make a prediction regarding the budget and what kind of infrastructure measures it might hold.  They will vote by choosing a cookie." 

"They can have a Poor Man’s Cookie (depression era recipe that has no eggs or butter) or they can choose a Carnival Cookie (butter, eggs, colourful coconut and jujubes)."

"If they want both cookies, I will give it to them, but I am not advertising that."

"Which cookie would you choose?"


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