Sunday, March 3, 2013

Second Cousins

You are fun to play with but I don't even know your name.
Janet brought Landon over during Xmas for a “second cousins” party.

Everyone else in the Pilling house had gone to the Revelstoke ski hill and though Landon has been on skis, as of yet, just a couple of runs down the hill is all he is interested in.
... I will catch one of those bubbles ...

There are a nice little group of second cousins now at the lake – really the third generation learning to play near the water, trying rock painting, running down the ramp, and sleeping under the umbrellas while the parents visit.

So Michael and Landon did some side by side play over the holidays – nothing like sharing some bubble blowing or putting blocks on sticks and then taking them off again. 
... you drink from your container ... I will drink from mine ...
Three new babies will be arriving this summer – perhaps not all making it out to the lake, but they will be joining quite a group of the others – some who have established their own summer party ie The Mermaid and Merman Party. (TBA)

Coming soon will be Adam and Michelle’s new baby, Richard and Miranda’s new baby, and Laynie and Graham’s new baby.

Welcome to the generation of second cousins!



  1. How sweet was that play date!

  2. I believe Sarah and Curtis are expecting another baby too, but I don't want to put a bun in the oven that may not be there yet. Congrats to you all!

  3. How sweet are these two little boys. I just want to get right down on the floor with them and talk to them.

  4. Oh, I forgot to say...

    I loved playing with my cousins. Definitely some of my best and most vivid memories are of times spent with them. I love watching my own kids play with their cousins. How lucky are we to be able to spend time with eachother.