Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Life of Pi

One of the highlights of the winter holiday was to go to the movies with the Jarvis Family, the Brooks Family, and Kathryn Jarvis -- so that made 2 grandmas, 2 moms, 1 dad and 5 kids.  Hebe and Rhiannon stayed at home with Leo who took them to the park in the middle of the afternoon.  "I forgot to tell Leo that it is easy to get Hebe to the park, but that she can't be lured home without some kind of carrot in front of her -- an excellent lollipop or an attractive treat bag.  I have tried every other way to get her to move, but I have a tighter schedule than she -- there is nothing going to move her except one of those two things."

We attended the matinee where the prices are fabulous.  I must check those out at my own local theatre.  And how was the Life of Pi?  An amazing metaphor!


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