Friday, March 1, 2013

Two Dozen Eggs Too Many

... where do I hit this again? ...
I want to know how anyone can ever have too many eggs.

If I buy them by the cartoon, the case, the crate it all seems the same to me – never too many eggs.

Mary’s extra two dozen eggs were on their way out of the fridge, so she boiled them up and let the girls peel them.

Two birds with one stone. A chance to “play with your food” and an opportunity to have help making egg salad sandwiches.
... the golden treasure in a white case ...
Rhiannon is always made when Naomi gets to do one more thing than she does. I just think you should be able to do as many as you are old: four years old, four eggs. Of course that used to drive Rebecca mad – she had to do five dishes while Trell only had to do four.
... this takes a long time to do perfectly  ...

Nevertheless there have to be some rules made that can be broken and the ones I make are good for that.

Mary said there is an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where his mother and father have a fight with each other, and the mom gets so mad she moves out and in with Raymond. The problem was egg salad sandwiches, which she made with just no eggs. What? No celery, no pickles, no mustard seeds or celery seeds – no crunch of any kind.
... I wonder if I can do that again? ...

Well, she moved out over the criticisms of her egg salad sandwich filling, and Mary has done the same thing – mostly because of an empty fridge.

No, she didn't move out.

Mary just didn't make the perfect filling.
... two perfect shells ...
Now I have never taken an empty dill pickle jar of my fridge, but apparently Mary can do it.

Empty vegetable crisper.

Yes, Mary doesn’t have it all. Like Raymond’s mother, she can only do the egg part of the egg salad sandwich.

No crunch in our house tonight.  But that is good, for with the help we had, we could have been tasting the crunch of broken egg shells.



  1. Mmm. Egg salad sandwich. Mmmmm

    How cute are those photos!

  2. You might remember from the post that we couldn't have egg salad sandwiches. We could only have egg sandwiches. We didn't have anything to put a crunch into the filling. That is, until Mary went downstairs to work on her food storage -- to clean it up a bit. There in the back of one of the shelves was a jar of baby dills, so we could add crunch and now we have both kinds of fillings, egg and egg salad. She also was appalled by what she found down as she was sorting through the storage. She is backed up with ten bottles of dressing to put on salads, and they don't even eat salads much. As well there are 8 tins of pure maple syrup. That is because she found a good sale -- $5 a tin instead of $8 -- a bargain. We had been talking about going to some sugaring out party where maple syrup is heated up and then poured on the snow, here in Quebec. I told Mary that now we can just have our own party with one of the tins of maple syrup in her food storage since she has so much snow in her own back yard.