Friday, March 22, 2013

My Vacation

Yesterday my close friends and I celebrated a birthday by having a spontaneous pot luck lunch with whatever we happened to have brought from home or could find in our desks and a game-show like birthday gift shopping adventure.

Lunch: a garden side salad,  homemade vegetable soup, 1/2 a large bag of Old Dutch salt and vinegar chips, 20 red licorice sticks, 2 sweet and salty grandma bars, and 3/4 can of Western Family diet cola. None of us had room left for yogurt with fresh strawberries and a dab of maple syrup.

Game Show Gift Shopping: We all took 25 minutes of flex Time at 3:15pm. I drove us to the a favorite store called Lakeside Effects. My co-conspirator determined the parameters of the game. The friend turning 34 had had 12.5 minutes to spend $50. The choice was made within the time limit: dangling silver earrings with a flower sillouette in a frame, and a Bento box-like plate with a turtle theme for coffee time snacks at work.

After this outing, I am closer to knowing the  Enneagram numbers for these dear friends.One of them is an 8 with a 9 wing. The other is a 4 with a 5 wing. I remain a 2 but seem to have traded in my 1 wing for a 3 wing.


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