Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Perfect Dinner

Burn index: 57

This is Wednesday evening's meal and is the perfect dinner at the burn pile.

Happiness Index: 100
After looking at the picture of my meal, Mary said she only likes a hotdog if it is fire-roasted and has mustard on it.  But then, it is the most delicious dinner ever.



  1. I want to be sitting there right beside you Bonnie. After my hotdog, I would go for the marshmallows. I never cease to amaze the people around me with the number of marshmallows I can consume.

  2. I would add the chocolate and graham crackers, or any other sort of cookie. Yum!

  3. I was watching a party at Wyona's last year -- a party where s'mores were the entree. The chocolate choices were half a Cadbury Caramilk bar to put between the crackers, or half a Jersey Milk. The other half of the bar was to do with as you wished.

    Much better choices than when we grew up and it was one square per person.

  4. the challenge was always to achieve the PERFECT degree of toasting on the marshmallow... golden brown, just short of turning black... crispy on the outside with gooey softness underneath, so you could pull the outer shell off, and retoast the marshmallow a second time. ah.... sweet!