Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cub Car Rally and A Race to Do 60 Items

... a scarf makes a perfect skirt ...
Saturday was the cub car race.

Naomi is not in cubs, but Leo built a car with her as well.  Two beautiful cars.  Naomi had me smell the varnish she had put on hers -- smelly, but isn't it beautiful, Grandma?

It was.

She was allowed to go to the rally and run her car along the track before the competition began.

Her gender prevented her from competing in the races – but making a car and getting it to the track?  That is 90% of the way there.
... playing hide and seek ...

Mary and I stayed home to take care of the 60 jobs she said she wanted to finish while I was here.

She rolled her eyes at that and in despair said, “I don’t think we are going to get any of them done.”

But having free time at home while the cub car races were going on, we attacked the 60 jobs.

Rhiannon was at home, so we worked at our jobs and we entertained her during the day.
... playing is hard work ... play-doh requires concentration ...

She did some dancing for us, a red scarf at her hips and her feet and arms making graceful movements in time to the music.

She shared with us her life dream – to be a drummer like her dad and to dance as well. I hope she can do both ... and maybe at the same time.
"I will show you how to make the hair."

We played a lot of hide and seek, which is easy ... for she likes to hide in the same places – especially if it is hard for us to find her in them.

“I don’t know where she is, but let’s tell her we will give her candy if she comes out and that will trick her. Come out little girl and we will give you treats.”

Voice from underneath a blanket: “I can hear what you are saying and I won’t come out.”
 ... a sad girl invited to eat ... pizza for hair ...
 ... the carrots are tear drops, the strawberries, eyes ...

Part of the day was spent doing Play Doh which really works if your parents have two bins of product – one for the jars of Play Doh and the other with plastic tools that create ropes, tubes and Play Doh hair that can be pressed through a skull and then cut.

The tears only came at the end of the day – a little girl, worn out by two adults who were trying to do 60 jobs in one day.

That is not bad.



  1. In Salmon Arm, bearers, cubs and scouts are coed.

  2. Only community cubs is coed. Not the church run groups.

    Leo told me that next year he going to make cub cars and organize a race day for the "achievers" group at church. This is the 8-12 year old girls. They meet once a month for an activity. Naomi will be an achiever next year. So now all the girls will benefit!!

  3. ah, memories! i am jealous of Arta being there to torture and delight you and those kids!