Friday, March 22, 2013

Writing Success

There are so many things that can get in the way of writing:

1. Message - You may feel you have nothing to say.

2. Repeat - Your only ideas may feel like repetition of what you have already said.

3. Backup - You may feel insecure about your ideas; you may feel you have nothing backing up your thoughts.

4. Drama - You may not be able to remember your blog username and/or password each time you sit down, and so instead you do what any drama queen would do - throw up your arms, jump up and down, and quit.

Today, one of the barriers to writing for me and David was learning how to use his new ipad. We love the app called Educreation, but haven't figured out how to email or share our amazing written/illustrated thoughts with a voice track. Below is one of the typical scenes in our co-written stories.

If any of you bloggers have an ipad and have this app, please send us one of your "lessons" you have created to help us discover how to send you one of ours.

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