Sunday, March 3, 2013

Roman Numerals

... practicing Roman Numerals ...

Naomi has a fantastic horse book which contains everything you might want to know about horses. To get a sense of the book, she and I went to the Table of Contents – not something every grandmother reads to her grand daughter.  I was out looking for general categories of horses before we got to the specifics.

On the way to the content of the horse book, she and I got stuck on “what are Roman Numerals”, (as in Section I, Section II, Section III). We stopped to learn about them and practise them.

The first session took us from I to XXX which is a long way, if you are writing them all out by hand. Today in church she went from XXX to L – another leap.

She and I have been practising all of the family birthdates – in Roman Numerals.

 Much better to be Naomi and write MMV than to be me and write MCMXL.

This kind of fun equals the enjoyment I get from travelling.  Strange, but true.


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  1. Whoa Naomi, You have far surpassed my knowledge of Roman Numerals. Uncle Joaquim will love to see your writing.