Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sugaring Off

... the maple syrups is finally cook enough to wrap ...
The Brooks Kids talk about going to see "the cousins".

Naomi has been thinking about packing for days.

... well worth the long walk ...
... maple fudge, maple jam, maple syrup ...
We can't get away early enough in the morning.

This is the holiday of all holidays -- enough beds for everyone and plans that include going on a scout camp with Tom, seeing "The Life of Pi", skating, sugaring off and spending the best spring break ever with "the cousins.

The line-up to the butterfly pavilion was so long, and the energy in Catherine’s kids so great, that rather than stand in line for an hour, we hiked 25 minutes down and then back to see the sugaring off that was also happening in the park.

Catherine had on her pedometer, trying to make sure that she got her 10,000 steps in for the day.

... a table filled with maple syrup products ...
“This doesn’t cause weight loss. This is only walking enough to maintain your health.”

I didn’t really like to hear that. I don’t use the pedometer.

I just walk for 30 minutes in any direction from my house and then walk back.

 Looks like I am going to have to do that twice a day, not just once. The cost was of the boiled maple syrup was $2.

... Tom as the candy nears its end ...
... worth the 25 minute walk ...
Small trays of shaved ice lined the deck of a small kiosk.

The maple sugar was boiling inside, and already at the soft ball stage.

Well, I couldn’t really see how the candy was boiling, there was so much steam above the pot. But I got close enough to take a good look.

And Catherine was reading the directions on the wall, which just said, take the maple syrup and boil ... boil ... boil.

... this sweetness goes on forever ...
The kids lined up with giant tongue depressors on which to roll the syrup.

As soon as the product was beginning to cool, they began to wrap their sticks in the maple toffee. For some reason there was no need for a lesson – just drop that tongue depressor on the maple syrup and get rolling.

While the kids licked, Catherine and I studied the syrups and the candy that was for sale. Mary has 7 extra cans of maple syrup at home. We meant to bring one from Aylmer and see if we could make the candy ourselves, by pouring it on the snow. Catherine said, “The only trick would be finding some clean snow.”

Yes. Montreal needs a new snowfall.


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