Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Ottawa

Ottawa ... from the museum side of the river

I have been taking pictures all day.  

I slipped my camera in my purse  – that,  but not my cell phone.   

 ...Alexandra Brige ...
I don’t know how to get the two of them in the same bag together, apparently.   

But today having one of the two was good.  

Canadian Museum of Civilization
 I got to the Museum early and had a half hour to walk.   

The day was beautiful.   

... even the tree trunks look beautiful to me today ...
People seemed to be walking down by the river on their way to work, so I walked down that way – only to find they were the museum curatorial staff who had parked their cars in the parking lot and were hurrying in to work.   
Still, I enjoyed discovering just that – and looking at the river, the cleared sidewalks, the iron sculptures, the Alexandra bridge, the setting of the museum on one side of the Ottawa River and the Parliament buildings on the other side.

...the beauty of the railing against the snow ...
On the fourth flour of the museum there is an exhibit called Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall.  

 Once inside I strolled through those halls, listening to the voice of Tommy Douglas, seeing video clips of that outrageous Pierre Trudeau, enjoying Madame Jeanne Sauvee’s illustrious career by way of photos.

I liked being a Canadian this morning.


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  1. I love Ottawa and all its beautiful buildings. The second shot off the Alexandria Bridge is my favourite. How many national monuments can you get in one shot? Off that bridge, many. Glad you loved your day in a wonderful city.