Friday, March 29, 2013

The Song of Lunch

"Out to lunch at your own lunch," Emma observes.
I am not a poetry lover.  In my life, I have only picked up one book of poetry to read of my own free will. Yes, I have read others on assignment – but if I have a choice, I choose prose.

Getting that off of my chest, I still want to say sing the praises of a  prose poem called The Song of Lunch presented on Masterpiece Theatre - Contemporary, -- an exquisite hour with Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.

At our house the captioning was on and it couldn’t have been more than a few sentences into the production when I could see that I was enthralled with the text as well as with the acting.   Here is a review:  LA Times Review

And a second review on

Bonnie  Wyora told me that some channels are playing The Song of Lunch again this weekend.

Well worth the effort to find it and enjoy.


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