Monday, July 9, 2018

A Picnic

July 7, 2018

We gathered food out of our fridge to have a picnic by the stream. We carried the food down on a tray and carted down the children’s bridge table, but we didn’t think about where to sit. The ground was still wet with water from yesterday’s storm. We walked back to the house to eat on the porch. We made our sandwiches, each of which we made ourselves. We had our own small bag of chips: Cheetos, ketchup flavoured, all-dressed, nachos, classic – we had them all. The sun was beating down on us now, so we arranged and then re-arranged the porch for the eating comfort of all. None of the children wanted to eat while sitting on the captain’s bench. They seemed to believe that there was a wasp’s nest inside of it. I had Alice show me where. Indeed she was right, the nest only about 2 inches long. Alice pointed up to the recessed lights in the porch showing me another nest.

Nice to have a picnic near a wasp's nest.


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