Sunday, July 22, 2018

Singing Around the Campfire

Michael and Oscar on the log, far left
Autumn and Dafne, middle and at the back
One evening, just as Michael and Alice and I were leaving the beach, the Wood family were beginning to cook s’mores over an open campfire.

They invited us to stay.

There is nothing like the feeling of inclusion, sitting on a log, holding a s’more that has the combined smell of chocolate and marshmallow close at hand, and watching how another family negotiates evening fun.

... the big red cooler / every large family should have one ...
To me, the best part of the evening was when when Dan Wood started to sing family songs and other joined in.

“I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” was not familiar to most of the people there 

Odd, since the train would probably pass by us at least 3 times as we sat singing.

But of course it makes sense.  The grandchildren in this group are ages 13 to 3 -- all 17 of them.

The hit song of the night was a suggestion from Brandon Vaugh,  “Throw it/him/them out the window…”.

I had forgotten that song.

Sing or say any nursery rhyme, and when you get to an appropriate break sing, “throw it out the window / the second story window / if you can’t sing a rhyme / and do it in time then / throw it out the window.

"Do you mind if I take your picture?"
The best part of the song to me was going around the circle, and as it was everyone’s turn, the whole group would swing their bodies and their arms toward the participant as it was their turn to sing.

This made Michael nervous.

He walked to the back of the circle and pulled up a chair behind Dan.

As the singing came full circle back to Dan, he had the group all point to Michael who was on the spot now and came up with a rhyme.
No, we don't mind.  Go ahead.
In the variation of this song that the Woods were using, it is OK to say any part of the rhyme that you know, or anything about its story and someone in the group can start singing the rhyme and knows the words.

Autumn knew a wonderful call and response song about a Moose. She sings a line, you sing it after her. I am going to track that song down and learn it for future campfires. We also sang “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” which had a residual effect on Michael.

He could spot a bear behind every bush as we left the campfire and made our way home.


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