Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Plethora of Wasps

From Alice Johnson

When I went to the kitchen this morning,
Alice was having breakfast on her own.
Carrots and dip.

She has finished all of the carrots.
Just a little dip left.
Age 5

I was on the swing.

I was making it go this way and that.

I jiggled the wasp's nest.

Mother said everyone get inside.

I ran because Mom said get away from there.

Betty didn't run.

Betty yelled.

Wasps were surrounding her whole body.

Mother ran over and picked Betty up.

Betty got stung on each arm and on her back.

Betty and I were screaming.

Inside, one wasp was still on Betty’s back.

 Mom flicked it off.

Then she trapped it with the other door.

Then mom put some cream on Betty.

Then some band aids.

Betty was still crying.


Alice Johnson


  1. oh poor Betty. when i got stung by a bee when i was small, it was the worst pain ever! i almost didn't have kids because my mom told me it hurt more than a bee sting. Tell Betty that the bee stung me on my bum! i hope she has no stings there. those wasps are terrible.

  2. Betty has been walking along a very long log, her arms outstretched to keep her balance. But in the middle she fell to a crouching position, having spotted either a fly, a bee or a wasp. She was shouting for help. Glen went to the log, broke of a 4 foot branch that had leaves on it, and took a second branch over and showed her how to use it as a fan to keep insects away. I don't think this would work in real life, but in Betty's imagination it did, she wove the fan and then off she walked on the log again. She did show him the 3 bandaids that she is still wearing on the wasp wounds just to show her fear was justified.