Friday, July 13, 2018

Voices around children

Voices around children July 12,

I was listening at the beach last night to the cacophony of voice around me. I heard Lurene say, “You cannot fill the fishing net with rocks or sand. Only water or fish. And especially when the fishing net belongs to someone else.” I wonder how many generations have heard or said those words which also come with a stare of confusion and wonder in the

On the point of voices around children, I found a flashlight on the ground with broken glass around it.

The flashlight was shaped like a lantern and to turn it on the lantern was pulled at both the top and the bottom, revealing the light.

 I knew Miranda couldn’t have seen it already or she would have swept it up.
Not wanting to bother more people about this than necessary I said, "Michael, did you break the flashlight."


" Alice, did you break the flashlight. "


 Betty, did you break the flashlight. “No.”

“With a stick”.

While sweeping the glass up I wondered why it was even important to me to find out who did it.

Not leaving the theme of the voices of children, I was putting the Barbie dolls away. I have them in a purple alligator skin rolling computer case, a gift from Anita many years ago. The case will hold about 20 Barbies when fully stuffed and will get them out of the way so that I don’t trip on them. I find it hard to keep the clothes on the Barbies. I figured out why, when trying to play dolls with Betty in the evening. The clothes are all coming off so they can go to bed. This time I found a doll with one of the legs broken off at the hip. “How did this happen?”, I asked.

Alice said, “Oh, she was trying to do extreme exercise”.

The cost of the broken doll doesn’t hurt when I can buy the Barbies at Churches Thrift Store, as many as I can stuff into a plastic grocery bag for $4. I found a Barbie there who was dressed in academic robes, mortar board with a tassel and she is carrying a diploma in her hand.

 I found this Barbie with her head popped off. I am afraid to ask why.


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