Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bratwurst Sausage

Bonnie roasting her marshmallow
Richard brought some of his bratwurst sausage out to the lake. When I eat it, I can’t taste wild flavour. But I know it is wild meat. The cheese spills out of the meat when I slice the meat.  I have no reason for mentioning this here, except that my meals was so delicious it should be marked in some way.

I was just beginning to do up the dishes when Lurene called and said, “Could the people at your house come down for s’mores. Bring nothing. Come now. We are just ready to begin."

Bonnie, Amir and I went down for s’mores which didn’t happen right away afterall, because the games on the lawn weren’t closing down that fast.

After games of ring toss, chase, and who can catch Mini-Eggs in their mouthes from the toss of the wrist, we began toasting our s’mores, the regular kind, not the one-of-a-kind where people are competing in a contest.

Gabe testing out a marshmallow with
no crackers or chocolate.
That was calming.

I have anxiety over trying to compete for the title of the best s'more maker in this crowd. 

Lurene and Sabrina Bates were sitting tother: Lurene with her accordion and Sabrina on her guitar. A list of songs was passed out so that everyone could have the words to every verse. 

Songs for children?

Mary Had a Little Lamb and I Once Knew a Man Named Michael Finnegan.

Then some extemporaneous songs began, called out by someone or another in the crowd: Cosette’s Song from Les Mis, We Will Rock You, and Eidleweiss from Sound of Music.

And that old favourite, Sweet Caroline. An eclectic mixture of taste in this crowd. There was sound effects, harmony, and laughter.

The crowd was singing until about 10:45 pm, Amir reported when he came back from visiting with David Pilling.

We had to be sung out much earlier -- So Long, Farewell, ....


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