Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Ferns on my path

Saturday July 14, 2018

... getting on my sunglasses and 
getting ready for the beach ...
Tonight I tried to describe the ferns on my zig zag path to the lake to Richard and Bonnie Wyora.

I saw the ferns for the first time last night as I was trying to go up the east side of my stream with my wheelbarrow.

I looked up and thought, “jungle”.

The ferns were higher than my head and tumbled down over the hill, across the path and into the stream, growth everywhere.

I took the clippers from my wheel barrow and began to clip them, making them fall from the bottom and laying them in piles beside me as I tried to make my way up the hill.

That was slow.

I found I could twist them three times at the bottom and they would also fall.

This way I didn’t have to look through bifocals to find the stem with my clippers, which is a big job in its self.

I worked for a long time.
... I hope I get enough 
activity moments in for the day ....

The sun was getting hot.

I didn’t have my water bottle with me.

I began to trip on the stems of the ferns that I didn’t pick up and lay on the side of the hill for pick up later.

Finally I took off my hat.

Went some steps.

Took off my gardening gloves.

Went some more steps.

... on my arm is my cat purse ...
... now I am ready for the beach ...
Laid my clippers down and trudged up the hill a little further, trying to get out of my fern jungle.

Seeing green grass on the other side, I just headed for the house, believing that after some food I would come back and finish the job.

Which I did.

When I was telling Bonnie and Richard about this, they were in disbelief, telling me that I probably had a vivid dream.

But no.

This really happened to me.


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