Monday, July 9, 2018

Handkerchief Tag

July 7, 2018

In one last-ditch effort to tire the three children out, Bonnie and I took them outside before supper. One quick game of tag. I took out a scarf, remembering the handkerchief tag game I played in my youth. Well, I never played it. I just got to watch my dad’s deacon quorum at play with the game. A handkerchief in a pocket and the point is to be the runner with the handkerchief in one’s back pocket, and to keep it away from all other players. No touching the runner with the handkerchief in the back pocket.  Take it out of the pocket, but no touching the runner.

I could only find a colourful summer scarf (rather than the traditional man’s handkerchief), so doubling it over, off we ran. Only a few accidents. Michael ran so hard that a flip-flop flew off, who knows where in the yard. Two of the taggers had a head on collision, or at least fully-bodied collisions with one another. Betty was the one most thrilled with the game. She ran around her cedar cabin, even though it was off limits, as well as around the van and the car that were parked there, also off limits.

She ran through Dan Wood’s cherry trees, and around Uncle Dave’s boat, then up to Five Corners. She doesn’t “get” boundaries when on the run. The part of the game she gets is, having the handkerchief in the back of her tights and running like crazy.

A good game for expending whatever is left of the energy in an adult at the end of the day.


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