Saturday, July 7, 2018

Alice Turns Five

Alice turned five today.

Her first party was in the morning for breakfast.

Cupcakes and milk, balloons and streamers, a Happy Birthday Song, and then singing Alice’s favourite song.

Over and over.

There were balloons all over the room, some of them the balloons that have an elastic attached, 

The birthday girl chair was still remaining a hot item in the afternoon when Alice told me that I was sitting on the birthday-girl chair.
 I offered to move.

She said it was alright.

She is sweet.

Her second party began when Kalina and Teresa and their mom and dad dropped by.

This time, when blowing out her candles, one was left and she turned to Kalina and said, “You can blow out the last one.”

They love to play. Audra came over and she is the best built in baby-sitter ever.

Audra doesn’t mind playing down, though that is probably not what she is doing.

Betty on the slack line at the after-party party
A better description would be that Audra can entertain people younger than her, and of any age.

Hard not to love Audra at a party.



  1. Love these birthday girl photos. What a cutie.

  2. Alice wasn't sure who you were. We went to your facebook page and looked at pictures. Now she knows who you are. Alice wonders when we are going to see you again. She can remember standing by the car and you were there and everyone was playing.