Sunday, July 1, 2018

Drop off, pick up

... cleaning the new cabin ...
.... dressed up for Canada Day ...
Richard dropped some garbage off at the dump: a porcelain toilet, a sink, a hot water heater, a shower – so you can imagine, he is trying to get a new bathroom installed in the cabin this week.

He is also trying to get all of the yard work done, some front steps made, mattresses pick up, a new weed whipper purchased, an old one repaired, the metal taken to the dump, the plastics contained somehow and all of the old wood and the new underbrush taken down to the burn pile.

I believe he can do it.

Grandpa Chris is helping.

As well, he brought out wonderful games, one being a slacker.

Two lines have been tied to the trees, the height of a child apart and a foot off of the ground. Michael, Alice and Betty can walk across it now like a tight rope.

As well, on another side are some hanging bars.

 e found a ladder by the boat house so that is leaning up against a tree, but serves no purpose.

first cherry earrings of the season
 perfect brass screws taken from cabinet's
being refinished ...


Moiya allowed us to eat the cherries from her trees.

She says that they are Bings and aren’t ripe until they are close to the colour black.

We cannot wait that long.

We all take a handful.

While we are not eating the white ones, if there is a lot of red on a cherry, it is being popped into my mouth and I am not the only one.

The children have taken two walks to the water. I have only taken one – one that lead us down to the second camp where we can find those fire cherries to eat.

They don’t have half of the pulp around them that the commercial varieties of cherries that are up at Moiya’s house have. But the pin cherries have the distinct advantage of being right by the water when we want to play spit the cherry pit again.

A storm was coming in from the narrows. The wind was blowing In the trees. Small branches were falling on the road. Joan and I were sweeping the rocks off of the docks.
... Betty who wanted to be face-painted
as a cat!

 Michael was throwing drift wood into the water.

Tonight no one was really interested in the waves since it was cooler – way more fun to jump the waves when the sun is beating on bare shoulders.

We stopped to look at the brooms that the CPR uses to sweep the tracks.

Canada Breakfast -- a crepe
Who says Richard can't control
the heat of an electric oven to make a perfect crepe?
Three of them are there now – black wire-like bristles with no hint of softness about them.

There is a new sign there. “Notice / CPR Employees / the road behind you / is Private Property.”

I have never seen a sign like that before.

Joan asked me how to make the basket out of thimble berry leaves.

 I showed her.

Betty began to collect items for the basket: a few daisies, some small yellow flowers and a handful of extremely small rocks.

... curly golden locks put in a braid ...
The next day I see the little wilted salmon berry leaf basket on the front porch.

Joan carried it all the way to the house, but what to do with it when it gets here?

 Still a question.



  1. next best thing to being there... reading the account!

  2. You make me feel like I am right there with you. Arta, you also made me laugh. I think the "tightrope" game it is called a slackline, not a slacker. A slacker is a person who doesn't do the work they are supposed to do.

  3. The toy is called Slaker Ninja Cargo Set. $79 I can't get used to it myself. I go with your definition of slaker.