Monday, July 9, 2018

Clipper Mania

July 6, 2018
Finally, the perfect picture.

A leg from the left moving through the water
ready to splash Betty's sand castle.

I want to use my clippers everywhere on the property.

I like taking down small trees, branches that get in the way when I walk down a path, moving flowering dogbane out of the way or chopping down a thimble berry bush.

I have spotted a good path to Lurene’s lot from a beach access road. She says no to my offer to clip a way through. 

I walked Richard down the path that I have been clipping from Lot 4 to the beach.

... the train comes around the corner ...
There was a small hill slide so that what was once a trail big enough for a golf cart is now something barely passible for billy goats.

Richard told me no more working on that path.

He doesn’t want one of his children running back to the cabin reporting that I have fallen and broken a bone.

The path looks inviting. I have finished a rough cut on ¾ of it.

Bonnie tried the access this morning.

After a fall as she leaped across the final space from the path to the road, she is now siding with Richard’s assessment.

What she had forgotten is the two foot trench the Greg, Dave and Glen dug out last year when we had the flood.

the train rolls on by ...
No broken bones

A good splat for her.

As well, as she was cutting apples today, with the circular apple cutter that leaves 8 perfect slices, the appliance broke in her hands, requiring a band-aid. 

Another appliance bites the dust.


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