Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tom and Laura Wardle

... a treat when on the dump run ...
Tom Wardle called Moiya and said that he and his wife were on a biking holiday, and coming through the Shuswap.

Moiya invited every one on the property to a meal at her house when they came so that they could be introduced to everyone.

This post could be all about the food.

The pulled pork, the cold slaw that goes with it, the brioche buns that Moiya made.

Well, that could be a couple of paragraphs itself.  Just the bread.

not the most comfortable way to make a bed
The soft touch and texture of the middle and the golden soft crust.

I can only hope that Moiya will put the recipe on the family blog.

I thought that tasting that bun was the pinnacle of eating during the day.

Then she served vanilla ice cream with raspberries that Dave had picked that morning.

launching the kayaks for the year  2018

I don’t know when it was in my childhood that I figured out that stirring whole raspberries into ice cream maximized their flavor.

 I try to only do that when I am at home or with a group of people who also love to do that.

I never see a cereal bowl with 3 big scoops of ice cream anymore, that I don’t think of it as the Pilling way, a pleasure stamped on our souls. In fact I thought all people at ice cream this way until just recently.

how can he still do this after a full day's work?
He is probably not working hard enough!
Well Tom sat down with a pencil and tried to figure out how many Scoville cousins we have in common. Forty-five might be a good guess of how many of us there are. The Utah people got to know each other, but the Canadian cousins were a long way away.

 Tom had two memories of being with Canadian cousins. One is living at Uncle Elsworth’s for a summer. “Did you learn to ride horses there”, I asked.

 “Yes. I didn’t want to go home at the end of the summer. They had to pry me away from there.”

... an evening with lights in the cabin ...
... and there was great rejoicing ....
Tom had memories of the cedar tongue and grove cabin. “The bedrooms are on the left", he said, his eyes focusing as though he had just walked in the Johnson cabin and was preparing to go into a bedroom. The old memories are sweet ones.

Tom says he is coming back this way in a couple of years with his brother, Clark.


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