Saturday, July 7, 2018

Recounting 24 hours

Pnoto: Richard
 Richard and I sat down to recount the day’s adventures. 

Every day progress happens – like the steps to the lakeside of the cabin are cemented in, the water is running to the cabin (cold to both the hot and cold taps), the Bates brought over an entourage of game players to play an 8 player game in the cabin on the old tables.


Art, Marcia, Gabe, Zach, Lurene, and Tonia.

That doesn’t make 8, though 8 were there. A housewarming to be sure, though there were no soft drinks to bring out of the fridge, nor chips and candy nearby. Richard said memories of times passed flooded the room. He counts himself lucky to be allied with Doral as the next stewards of the cabin.


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