Monday, July 9, 2018

On Catching a Worm

July 7, 2018

Michael has not forgotten that he wants to fish. So we tried to figure out where would be the best place to find worms, bread dough no longer an acceptable alternative. Aiden, Celeste and Parker were picking cherries and Saskatoons on Uncle Dan’s lot. We asked them if they knew good places to find worms. Uncle Dave said to try his garden, and that we have permission if we will pick out the weeds, every time we turn a shovel full of earth looking for worms. I liked his idea and knew that I could even do that in one of my own flower beds, so off we went to the one where I recently pulled up a wild rose bush that continues to return every year.

There was great rejoicing when we found our first worm after about 15 turns of a shovel. Michael thought he had done a lot of work standing there watching. Then the worms started popping out with regularity. We collected them in a Betty Crocker Icing Container I had washed out We store them in the fridge until I began to wonder if we would freeze the worms out, so I put them on the low window ledge. This was a bit too much for Michael to resist. He opened the container and then shook it. I have no idea how many worms were left after he cleaned up the after-math.

Michael asked me about crickets. I told him that it is possible to buy a bag of crickets. I can even remember the store that sells them, having been there to get them for Curtis many years ago. I recently gave Michael $2. He told his mother that he is going to the store to buy one cricket. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that crickets come in bags and cannot be purchased as a one-off.


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