Saturday, July 7, 2018

Tonia's Camera

Tonia does a selfie that captures the late-evening-cruisers as
we head down the Shuswap towards Canoe.

LtoR: Tonia, Marcia, Greg, Wyona, Art, Arta

The sun was just ready to set and the clouds
were capturing part of the night's darkness coming on.

I don't know until afterwards, what it is that Tonia is
jumping out of her chair to catch a photo of.
I love the bit of red in the lake.

Let the fun begin.
Pass the M&M's and that can of diet Coke.

The end of another perfect day.

Art is sorry to announce that he is leaving on Saturday.

He is pleased to tell us he will be
back in two weeks when the adventures
will begin again.

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