Sunday, July 1, 2018

From Rebecca in Oslo

Hi Family!

Well, it was a long trip here. The plane was late leaving Vancouver, so just enough time in London to get through security and onto the Oslo flight. Once we finally got to Olso airport, it was 40 minutes to the Oslo train station, then another 40 minutes on a bus to a hotel out in the fjords!

Today must have been a PrideMmarch day in Oslo, because the bus was full of dressed up people.


One adventure is that the suitcase arrived missing a wheel.  The lineup for baggage services was over an hour, so I gave up, and just negotiated on three wheels! :-o

That is saying something.

But all now settled. We are in a quite nice hotel right on the fjords…. almost like being at the Oak Bay Marina! I get the irony.  I had a lovely dinner (yes, you were right, Steve, the kronors are a big ticket item), and am now going to hit the sack. LOTS of hours awake!!!!

I don’t have a plug adaptor yet so have only 80% power left, but will hopefully get that sorted tomorrow.

Love to you all


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