Sunday, July 1, 2018

From Rebecca - Oslo Part II

Hello family.

 Here is where we are …strictly speaking, it is Nesbru Norway (not Oslo… but 18 minutes away from Oslo by bus): Idyll ved sjøen

Val has a friend who lives in Oslo (we will have dinner with him and his wife later this week). He says we are staying in the chi-chi area. Certainly, there are many boats around here, and there was a wedding going on in the room beside us last night.

We did get up this morning and go for a swim in the ocean. We were told it is 19 degrees. The weather is 30 degrees, so the water feels pretty good!

We spent the afternoon in the spa, swimming around and moving from the hot and cold pools and back again (they have one cold pool that is seriously icy (you don’t really swim in it… just lower yourself in to shock your body, and then head back to the hot pools). Better to be inside than outside in the heat.

The workshop will start with dinner tonight, so now to have a quick nap, then get back up to work. 

Fireworks tonight in Canada?


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