Saturday, July 28, 2018

Dessert First

July 28, 2018

I woke from a nap and called Michael, Alice and Betty upstairs for ice cream: Tiger Tail or Bubble Gum. I found a new box of the President’s Choice Sugar Cones and they were so happy, since they know this is the giant of all cones. It wasn’t until I had the ice-cream in their hands that I could smell chicken cooking and I looked at the clock: 7:30 pm. I apologized to Miranda who was just coming into the room, for co-opting dinner.

She said, “Well, they probably wouldn’t have eaten it anyway.”

I made the kids promise not to tell anyone that they had dessert for supper and that their dessert was going to be poached chicken. They were fine with that, especially Betty who has know learned to dig down into the cone with her fingers to catch any ice-cream that her tongue misses. Plenty of ice cream made her appropriately full.  She just isn't ready to bite into the waffle cone yet.

I commanded all of the children to have a small plate for their chicken, since it was dessert. Michael refused, had a large plate and filled it with chicken.

Thirty minutes later they were eating a snack bar on their way down to the lake for the last swim of the evening. Bottomless. Their appetites are bottomless.

Richard, Kevin and Tara are arriving tonight. I went to the roadside bedroom and looked out of the window of the bedroom they will be sleeping in. Suddenly I knew I had to wash them, though I doubt it will make any difference to Kevin and Tara. I took down the blue and white striped curtains and scrubbed them with Naptha soap. While I was rinsing them I noticed that they are home made, someone using a fancy stitch to finish off the hems and to decorate the seams. This could have only been Bonnie McLoone. I let the curtains dry in the sun and then ironed them. While I was pressing the seams I was thinking about her work -- all this sewing. I also had Michael, Betty and Alice come to watch me iron, since this is a task that is new to them. They loved putting their hands on the warm fabric, taking turns, running in and out of the room.

The hem of the curtain is shorter than the windows now. 

I love seeing the curtains up.

I give myself a C+ on washing the windows, since I only had time to do one of the two sets of windows in that room.

A job for the next person who sleeps there.

If they care.



  1. I hope those kids can get all that ice cream eaten before we get there. MY lactose intolerance and weakness when it comes to ice cream are going to get the better of me if its still available. So what im saying is ice cream breakfast lunch and dinner for those kids!

  2. I bought some Chocolate Mint today, which was what Michael wanted out of the whole freezer at No Frills. And there was some Elk Crossing which I wanted because the name reminded me of evidence of elk on the land. Actually it is vanilla ice cream with large piece of chocolate and little bits of peanut butter well covered in chocolate. I gave Michael a 3-scoop of the Chocolate Mint and part way through gave him some Elk Crossing. He didn't even get close to eat to the top of the cone. "This is not as delicious as I had thought," he said of the chocolate mint -- a beautiful green colour of mint ice cream chalk full of chocolate pieces.

    Just telling you, there may be some flavours that are not that appealing, at least to children. If you like to finish off half empty containers, then the temptation to eat ice cream all night is going to be over-whelming, Doral.

    I thought both of these tasted fine. In fact I am giving the Elk Crossing a big A+, only taking points off for the name which is a bit odd.

  3. David, now is always a good time to eat ice cream. Whenever the thought crosses your mind, take a big cereal dish and fill it with ice cream. It is the Pilling way.