Thursday, July 5, 2018

Water, the gift of life

The three stars are Richard's three children.
As the walking club was reaching Pilling’s Road at the place I like to call Five Corners, we saw Richard coming out of the brush and someone calling to him that his experiment was successful.

That is, water was coming out of the facet that is in the middle of his lot.

If water can get there, it can get to his house so he spent the rest of the day changing valves until he got water into the cabin.

shaking sugar on Michael's morning crepe
Not into the bathroom sink, but at least ready for the place where the toilet will be put. I have to say that again, great rejoicing.

Richard did test the water as it goes into the sink. He came out of the bathroom and into the front hall soaking wet. Dripping with water head to toe.

Cold water. The valve couldn’t take the 20 pounds of pressure so it fired its water all over the bathroom until he could reach the other valve and turn it off.

Oh, the fun of being the first to do this.

I have been splitting my time between raking rocks so that we can put grass where the deck used to be, and trimming back trees that are under the Slacker Line.
There are two new additions to the place where the hammocks usually are.

One addition is two lines on which a person can practice tight rope walking.

The second is a line that has equipment similar to monkey bars.

A ladder is propped against a tree to help Betty reach the equipment.

Richard has had to move it up about a foot and a half so that Michael’s legs don’t drag on the ground.
Moiya's Brioche buns from July 2, 2018

There are also two ladders placed in positions to get the best of the cherries.

The cherries are beginning to split now. Betty goes up and down the ladder, putting cherries into a plastic cup.

Michael asked me if these cherries taste the same as the ones at the lake. I told him that they taste a little better, and to try to find a black one.

I eat them when they are pink and red, which is long before they are ripe.

He found a beauty and I saw him just sucking on it, then trying to squeeze the pit out with his long fingers, the purple juice dribbling down his fingers, past his knuckles and into his hand.
... perfect waffles at the Woods ...

Richard split the handle of my axe yesterday.

There is a rock in front of his house.

I was trying to expose it so that the lawn mower didn’t hit it

Now there is some of it exposed, but not enough that he can get the rock out.

A big one! It just wobbles a bit in its hole.

If someone replaces the handle in your axe, is it your axe anymore, since it is more handle than axe.


  1. I am loving all your notes about Richard's work on the cabin. I am so thrilled.

  2. I want to know about the tattoo on Richard's bicep. Love the stars. Didn't know they were for his kids. Sweet.